Craft Used for Dungeon Name
Alchemy Potions Crazy Alchemist's Dungeon
Tailoring Armor Lunatic Tailor's Dungeon
Black smithing Weapons Insane Blacksmith's Dungeon


Successful uses of Alchemy result in single-use potions, ranging from simple healing potions to tough elixirs with permanent effects. Tailoring gives head, leg, hand, feet, and body armor, along with shields. Blacksmithing gives Melee Weapons, Bows, and Magic Weapons. Weapons (barring the highest tier ones) and armors will never be enchanted but socketed, allowing you to add Gems to customize your items.

Success and failureEdit

The success chance depends on your skill levels and the difficulty of the recipe. Your Alchemy/Tailoring/Blacksmithing skills influence their specific crafts, while the Artistry skill influences general crafting. Each time you succeed to make an item, the corresponding crafting skill goes up. Each time you fail to create an item, there is a chance that your Artistry increases. On failure, your Scavenging skill may be raised, and you may get some components of the failed recipe back, depending on your Scavenging level.

Hint and TricksEdit

Use the easiest recipes with the cheapest ingreadients (and the highest chance) to train your Alchemy/Tailoring/Blacksmithing skills before starting to create really good items.

Train up your Artistry and Scavenging by "experimenting", using only one common resource in the matrix. The crafting will fail, but the skills go up quickly at minimal cost.

Gain ingredients from repeatedly looting the crafting dungeons. If you do not pick up the recipe chest on level 2, you can re-enter and re-loot the same dungeon. If you pick up the chest with the last missing recipes, the crafting dungeons disappear.

In addition, use disenchanters to decompose the junk (spare items) you find when exploring, to get resources and gems, as well as Enchanting and Mysticism skills up. Socket weak or useless gems into low crafted or bought items to train Enchanting.